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Founded in 1988 by one Canadian family, WonderFil Specialty Threads™ started with humble beginnings, offering only one single rayon embroidery thread line. Through their decades of hard work and passion, WonderFil® is now an international company participating in over one hundred events annually. We currently offer 36 unique thread sexynude.biz lines all the way from 100wt to 3wt in cotton, polyester, rayon, metallic, and wool varieties. WonderFil® proudly takes the lead in designing innovative specialty threads and setting new standards in the quilting industry by advancing thread technology.

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私たちは、すべての糸を自社で製造している数少ない糸会社の1つであることを誇りに思っております。 WonderFil®ブランドの糸を手に取って頂くたびに、素材の良さ、品質の高さを感じていただけることと思います。 皆さまとご一緒に、これからも世代を超えて受け継がれる思い出に残るキルト作品を作っていきたいと思います。

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